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In the beginning, I was hesitant to book Genus Hotels as I had no idea what touch-less hoteling really was. However, the instant completion of my commands by Genus Assist and the highly-friendly environment there has completely surprised me. I couldn’t be happier!
Adam Sendler
Dummy Review
During my stay at Genus, I conducted a meeting using their hologram technology, and honestly speaking, it was amazing at best. I felt as if I was in my office giving commands to my employees in real-time. Thank you so much Genus!
Mila Kunis
Dummy Review
Though the touch-less experience in the hotel helped us save a lot of time, the thing that struck us the most was the cleanliness in the rooms. Washroom, shelves, walls, sleeping arrangements –everything was elegant and smooth. We would definitely book Genus again!
Mike Sendler