How it Works

Touch-Less Experience at Genus Hotel

Over the past several years, things around us have undergone a major technological transformation. However, a closer look at the hospitality industry reveals that things haven’t evolved as much. Hotels all around the world are still utilizing outdated approaches that don't cut the clutter. Genus Hotels is going to change that! With an extensive experience of 50 years in the hospitality industry and an innate passion for innovation, we at Genus are redefining the way hotels work. Take a look at how we're doing it!

Proximity Technology

Embrace the proximity in every move!

Ever been to a shopping mall and noticed how the doors open automatically the moment you enter a pre-set range? Doesn’t it feel comforting? It’s exactly what you experience if you book your room at Genus Hotels! 

At Genus, we are integrating non-contact proximity sensors into all of our hotels. This technology will detect your presence and, if you’ve already booked with us, automatically opens the doors upon your arrival. For a touch-less proximity experience that is unprecedented, smooth, and inventive, nobody can beat Genus Hotels. 

Hologram Technology

Personifying every action! 

 We know you’ve been there. You wanted to book a hotel, but the fear of contracting the virus stopped you from doing that! 

We completely understand the frustration, and that’s why we have incorporated hologram technology in our hotels to help you perform all the actions without meeting anyone. During your stay at Genus, you’ll see creative, three-dimensional projections doing all your stuff for you –from meet n greet service and guiding you to navigate the hotel lobby. With our hologram technology, you’ll say goodbye to the hassle for good!

Scannable Technology 

Everything on your fingertips! 

At Genus, our thirst for simplifying the entire booking process knows no bounds!

 We leverage the potential of scannable technology to generate QR codes that you can use to confirm your identity and check-in without waiting. In addition, In addition to Proximity technology, QR codes will also allow you to choose the, access different parts of the hotel property including your room, Become a part of our touch-less regime and eliminate the hassle in no time!

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