Genus Assist is a digital assistant available in your room to perform the actions that we used to do with remote controls/phones; such as temperature control, lights, TV operations & wake-up calls. You will only have to say a command and Genus Assist will act as your Genie.

You have seen those shopping center doors opening when you reach the pre- set range, which is called Proximity Technology. In our hotels when our mobile applications reach within the range of doors and if you have a booking, doors will be opened automatically

There will be an alternate technology in our mobile Application that a guest can scan

Barcodes & QR Codes are Scannable Tech and there will also be a General Managerat the property and he will assist you immediately.


In your mobile application, you will still be able to access your booking and scannable codes to enter the hotel property.

Yes, you’ll be able to enter the property and wait in the lounge until you are not checked in; your mobile application will notify you of your assigned room number as soon as you’ll be checked in.


There will be a layer of manned-security standby 24/7 at the hotel property and will come in the picture if needed.

There will a maintenance team on-site to attend to any unforeseen issues.

You will be able to communicate with Genus Assist and on-site staff will be notified of your requirement and it will be addressed immediately.


Most of the things will be done by the technology but you can still get in touch with our General Manager using Genus Assist.